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The role and status of modern mural in mural art!

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As we all know, the emergence and application of fresco art has never been shackles, never lost! And with the passage of time, different times, different countries, different regions of the fresco art came into being!


Every period of the fresco art both inheritance and independent thinking, but also inseparable from the environment given to it the value and significance! Throughout the history, every new technology innovation and application are new round of mural art new continuation and revolution!



Every new technological revolution is also the re-establishment of design ideas, once the inevitable

Lead to the next historical node, which is the fresco design and murals of each period the mission and significance!



So far found the longest in the southwest of France Raski cave in the rock paintings to today, the murals have gone through about twenty thousand years.

(From the Paleolithic Age of Altamira, France, the Wezel Valley, the Swedish Tarnum, South Africa's Bushman to China's Guangxi Huashan, Yunnan Cangyuan, Inner Mongolia Yinshan, Xinjiang's Altai region. Into the late Neolithic period, the rise of the Western temple building and the ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian and other areas of the palace, the rise of the tomb of the building, so that the history of human art civilization to continue.


The ancient frescoes on the history of human painting is far-reaching, indicating that "mural" from the beginning of the birth of the embodiment of their own living environment in the spirit of the atmosphere of concern. Can also be said to be the ancestor of art history!


Art is inseparable from the spirit, the design is inseparable from the idea! The frescoes exist because of the architectural space and the environment, but the art of time and space, both the function of social culture and the artistic aesthetic form of the multidisciplinary art of styling art. Mural can not be misinterpreted as a simple decorative level, it should be the mural artist spiritual level show.


The rapid development of the world today, with the popularity of materials and the application of mural expression has become more extensive, such as street art, graffiti, wall painting and other modern frescoes more and more into the public life. Indoor and outdoor space without the need for modern mural elements to whitewash, highlight its personality and creativity! Because of this also laid the modern mural in the next few decades the important role and strength!


Mention the personality and creativity, the status of fresco design quietly across the simple murals. Large mural production cycle is generally long, and modern frescoes, especially commercial space part of the murals to give the production cycle is relatively short. The role of the design is more and more obvious! The requirements of the designer is also getting higher and higher!



In order to quickly complete the project, most designers from the database to find the corresponding theme material for the second creation, and the lack of design ideas of the designer directly refers to the deer for the copy of the original copy.

Only a few designs still stick to their original.


但这就是残酷的现实!  也许,存在即为合理吧!

Faced with this situation, can only say that the industry has just begun. Perhaps pessimistic that it will always exist.

But this is the cruel reality! Not to personal will for the transfer! Perhaps it is reasonable to exist!


But people are always in the progress of growth, modern fresco is also in the progress of progress. From the early home-made vines to today's original illustrations wall applications. From the kindergarten, cultural wall to today's film and television city, the theme of the playground packaging and architectural fresco production. Are in a step by step upgrade, the performance of the content from the form of gradually transformed into thinking.


Business development will often promote the popularization and promotion of new things, but also create and focus on a number of focus on this pillar of society. They have a potential power that can not be overlooked in the future development of mural. But the reality is unsatisfactory, do not achieve the equivalent of good value, but shoddy only for the interests of quality is not in the market in the wind and water.

其实无论是把它当成作品来做,还是当成商品来对待。从宏观来讲现代壁画已经开始了它的历史使命。也不以个人意志为转移!它是时代的产物!它是人类各时期展现于当下的艺术结晶! 它既不等同于艺术家追求自我的极度表现,也不随声附和与商品独立存在的价值与意义(供需关系)。它是包容的,是宽泛的,同时也是自私的。

In fact, whether it is as a work to do it, or as a commodity to treat. From the macro point of view, modern mural has begun its historical mission. Not to personal will for the transfer! It is the product of the times! It is the human period of the show in the moment of the crystallization of art! It is neither equivalent to the artist's pursuit of the extreme performance of the self, nor is it echoed with the value and meaning of the existence of goods (supply and demand). It is inclusive, is broad, but also selfish.


Follow your own heart, cherish every opportunity you face! Create miracles with life, continuation of history with art! Perhaps, is the modern mural art workers shoulder the mission! No matter what period should be carried on, but not self-deprecating! Respect history, break through innovation! Thank us for us the best times!




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